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Similar to noobsauce and awesomesauce, pimpsauce is made of pimp and sauce. It is very stable like awesomesauce, and is used to describe something totally pimp.
Guy1: Hey, I finally perfected these antigravity boots!

Guy2: Pimpsauce to duh max!
by Teh Spudzorz February 23, 2009
2 3
When you are close and tight with a higher authority.
Yo, I saw you talking to the CEO today. Word, I'm pimp sauce!
by sugarbuns June 05, 2009
14 3
The sauce that pimps are made of....the JUICE!!!!
Nice shoes, pimpsauce!
by anonymous CMO trader October 26, 2006
9 3
above the degree of awesomesauce, not quite as spectacular as boss sauce. 'nuff said.
That tempurpedic pillow is pure pimpsauce!
by mccrackwhore June 27, 2011
3 1
a nickname for a gangsta native american
"yo wats good pimp sauce"
"nm man just chillen"
by Ffish789 April 06, 2006
10 39