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got mad bitches
that you own
i pimpin large now
by randy [blur] robbins August 06, 2003
keepin it real, smack a hoe, do wat u do, bein cool, handlin ur bitches, smokin dat cushie cushie, etc.
yo dat nigga ritchie keepin it pimpin, gettin all da hoes and shit
by ali a August 27, 2006
To hang with ones hoes; to pimp
Daniel's pimpin with the ladies.
by Lawa June 25, 2005
To go verbally "work" the ladies. To make new female contacts.
"Shawn spent the night pimpin at da club" or "he on the phone gettin' his pimpin' on".
by Vinizzle September 05, 2003
Pimpin is thinkin outside the box........not havein so many gurls on hand thats not pimpin.....so pimpin is just bein you and dont care wat other people think 'bout you!
"that guy is pimpin ...hes wearin a pink shirt"
by Morgan Patton May 20, 2004
I really cool, pimpin' dude. NOT MasterQ
MasterQ != pimpin'
by evan November 02, 2003
Slang for me T MONEY.
Me MR Me T Money G Pimpin
by anthony robinson November 23, 2007