acronym for piece in my pocket. excellent marijuana term
shit man i got some weed are you you
hella man i got my pipe right here
#marijuana #piece #hella #chronic #baller
by a very legit baller April 23, 2006
a name given to ne body known as a pimp
"wus up pimpin"
by Kee Kee January 10, 2004
something is cool hipp in with the times which makes it pimpin, also nown as bitchin 2.
that car is pimpin, yea i no well bitchin.
by scotty-e January 07, 2004
someone who has the ablity to controll another male or female without saying a word: mind control
I was pimpin' my girl so hard he bought me a chain and some gold 1'z
by skoolin youngsta's on the game September 10, 2003
havin lots of friends, bein a mack daddy
Tiffany was pimpin them bitches at summer school.
by TIFFANY D June 28, 2004
1)A boi with alot of Girlfriends that KNOW about each other and don't mind

2)A girlpimpette with alot of Boifriends that KNOW about each other and don't mind

3)a name for someone

4)a decribtion of somthing
1)Mane that boy right there is big pimpin'

2)That girl over there is pimpin all these boys

3)Ay wassup pimpin',lemme holla at cha fo' a minute

4)person 1:mane sean paul car cute
person 2:no it;s not,now 50 cent car,that's pimpin'
by Risa January 31, 2004
Rockin Lots Of Ice. Drivin Tight Whips.
Gettin Hoez. Gettin Money. Wearing Fly-ass Gear. Wearin Sweet Kicks.
Pimpin is alive , these niggas is jive , ive been stackin & mackin since 75. -big tymers
by Urban Dictionary November 08, 2003
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