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1) being so incredibly fly, sexy, hott, desireable, handsome, beautiful, gorgeous, or down right delicious that you can ride any bicycle to anywhere for any distance or any amount of time wearing anything all the while still maintaining and or increasing your level of {insert above adjective}-ness.

2) having so many bicycles that all the neighborhood kids get a ride.

3) the art of personalizing your bicycle with excessive amounts of shiny things called blings.

4) Coolest song ever
Hey man, have you heard that song called "Pimpin Bicycles?"
No...*watches video*...Damn dawg I'm bout to bust out my pedaler and go dahn na block
Me too too

Dude your bike looks fly as a plane!
Thanks bro, I've been pimpin bicycles all my life

Hey Chase, Ronald and Chris are out ridin your bikes again.
Its cool Jennifer, I got so many I'm pimpin bicycles.

*phone rings* "hello"
"Yo Joel! We needa get on the pedalers and cruize dahn na boulevard"
"What for man?"
"Cus we so sexy we can be pimpin bicycles!"
by CArcherE August 19, 2012
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