A tight bond and understanding of pimp status between two brothers
Ex 1.yo dat ho u be pickin up last night thats true pimp status yo, pimpshake my ass nigga.

Ex 2.Man u be pimpin Yolanda? DAYYYMMM Son thats true pimpology.I'm ight that we be both pimpshakin
by Eric December 10, 2003
Top Definition
When you violently shake a working girl for discipline, but to avoid bruising. Such blemishes make said hoe less marketable. The act is terrifying and sends a firm message.
Sally was tired and wouldn't turn another date to get my money, so i had to pimp shake a hoe.
by skilogram July 15, 2013
A tasty snack from McDonalds.
"Would you like pimpshake with that?"
by Aimée January 02, 2004
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