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The act of using your bottom bitches underwear to wipe your anus clean and then making her wear them on her midnight rounds.
Also can be used in rocky marriages or after one night stands.
I ran out of toilet paper so I gave you a pimp stain, put these on.
by JeffersonM43 November 15, 2010
A skate company providing decks and clothes under the influence of vaporwave, Was established in 2012 from a block of wax for bmxs but eventually traded over to the skating side of the street scene.
have you seen the new pimpstain wax ?
by poi j February 04, 2015
a cool kat wit a sofiszzle kofishzzle sa-da-ta
dude ur such a pimp stain wit cherrys on top
by Woody September 19, 2003
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