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slang word for penis, derived from the words penis and willy. Often used so that older generations don't know what you're talking about.
Emily: Simon is so fit
Alice: Yeah, but i hear his pilly is tiny.
by Pillypeople December 03, 2010
A funny wee girl who is suuuuuuper silly. Pilly's are usually quite cute.

Beware, pilly's can be pesky.
Haha Pilly, y u so silly?

Piiilly piiiiillllyyyy want piiiiiiiiiizzaa
by Jamal3333 May 21, 2013
The name for a dumb person who brakes laminators.
Christina: Claire broke that laminator!
Lauren: Haha Claire's a pilly.
Claire: =( I fixed it though!
by dumbrunette.x September 27, 2009
Little lint balls that are left on a sweater after you wash it. Usually they are removed by hand, but can be removed by a lint shaver.
After I washed my sweater for the first time I had to pick off all of the pillies.
by CaseLogic July 07, 2005