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The Pillsbury Doughboy got his start on the road to fame in Chicago. He was since an icon of American advertising known around the world.

The mascot was seen once in an episode of The Simpsons where little Homer Simpson was holding it like a teddy bear. (That's the episode where Homer was reunited with his wayward mother.)

Long time Pillsbury adverts shown someone poking at his obese belly and he often said "Wooo hooo" as an interjection.

In January 2005, the Doughboy had his first bout of yeast infection after meeting Lynette. His exact location of his infection is unknown. On October 1st, he surcame to his infection.

Another famous celbrity, Liberace did die of a yeast infection.

The Pillsbury Foundation Trust was established in order to find a permanent cure to yeast infections.
Rest in peace Pillsbury Doughboy. (1965-2005)
by Damn Damn Danno October 05, 2005
The cartoony mascot for Pillbury baking products, this little white thing would say he-heeeeeeee when you poke him in the tummy.
"That's about as annoying as the Pillsbury dough boy].
by RCU December 03, 2006
When you have sex with your partners fat rolls. Specifically, the side of your stomach.
My girlfriend just asked me to give her a pillsbury doughboy, I abided.
by Chim Robely May 14, 2008
When two men are having missionary sex. While one man is getting it anally the other man is getting poked in his belly button and giggling.
Chad and Jim were Pillsbury Doughboys for 20 minutes at 4:50.
by Noodles the Clown October 16, 2009
Simply, performing cunnilingus on a female with a yeast infection.
Joan had some itching in her underpants due to her yeast infection, but Carl gave her the Pillsbury Dough Boy anyway.
by October 05, 2004
A very heavy, yeast-infused, doughy boy that's always red and really awkward with girls but still gets around...a lot.
Look at the doughboy, he is so ridiculous. It's like he has too much yeast in him!

But he still knows how to "slide that dough"... ;)

Such a Pillsbury Doughboy
by Jellyfishgirl21 October 06, 2013
This is a child who is overweight and has a ghetto brother. His brother is a mack daddy, so he thinks he is one to. Die Pills
Mike Longo=Pills hahahah FUCK YOU MIKE
by Mike Linehan March 13, 2005
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