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when you find a woman over six hundred pound and bang her big ass belly button. Then you scoop the jizz out with a spoon and put the fresh, warm glaze on a cinnamon bun. Then you make the huge bitch eat it.
I went to the Golden Corral and met this lady at the fried pizza section, and i took her big ass back to my place for the night. I Pillsbury Dough Girled her for breakfast the next morning.
by AmThaMan April 21, 2009
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A girl who is so so different that she is fat and skinny at the same time. She is very fun to poke and she makes noises when you do. She also gets paid for "services" by Honathans.
Pillsbury Dough Girl : Stop poking me!!

Random Person: I cant your the Pillsbury Dough Girl!=
by Honathan January 27, 2009
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