when all the service users pillows went missing there was an enquiry & it was decided....there must be a pillow fucker amongst us. it was noticed that someone with the initial L became suspicious looking!!!
did u see the guilt on Ls face? ithink she confirmed that she was the pillow fucker as she was seen later in the supermarket with her trolley piled high with pillows...it was buy one get one free!!! an adrenalin rush to a pillow fucker!
by pissed off big time February 25, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who has consensual sex with a pillow
That Craig sure seems like a pillow fucker
by Steven Nyhuz August 26, 2004
Some one who fucks a pillow
"I heard that james Lorraine Fucked his pillow last night"
by Bob Down November 13, 2003
A person who has sex with a pillow. Generally these people are virgin males who can't "score" with an actual woman. So, he must make do with his pillow.
Gah...I can't believe I'm thirty years old and still a pillow fucker.
by Michael O. November 20, 2004
Imagine you're having missionary sex with a guy and he's not kissing you or paying any attention to you whatsoever. Rather, he's got his grunting face buried into a pillow while he uses you for a fuck bag.
Ew, I feel so cheap after having sex with that pillow fucker last night.
by HillyD August 10, 2007
a person whom often seems extraordinarily horny all the time.
also see kyle
also you can see kyle
by Lemmings August 31, 2004
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