Referring to someone who is quiet when they are being excited.
In "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" the king of the moon called the queen of the moon a pillowbiter when she was not laughing when he was tickling her feet.
by Bob October 28, 2002
Used in conjunction with calling someone a father-fucking queer, usually non-consensually. Used in reference to the fact that the boy bites his pillow whenever he hears his father open the door.
Did you see the newspaper? Philip over there is actually a pillow-biter, his mom caught his dad pounding him doggie last night.
by Saldeas June 09, 2011
When a man/woman chews on the inside of another man/womans asshole. Usually, the teeth of the pillow biter become covered in vast amounts of shit. Sometimes, if the pillow biter is really unlucky, they get corn stuck in their teeth.
Elliana Totally chewed on that hot blonde bird over there, i can see the corn in her teeth. She has got to be a pillow biter
by Mike-Micheal May 01, 2008
A dead sexy manwhore
god, you're such a pillowbiter... :-D get in my pants
by milo December 16, 2004
A future serial killer. One who contains so much anger wakes up biting thier own pillow in fits of rage. Usually a person who is slipping out of the passive agressive stage and considering murder as solution.
He woke up in a sweat biting his pillow trying to kill his mental monsters.
by RJ September 04, 2004
when you are getting fucked so hard from behind that you bite a pillow.
Paul: oh you are fucking me so hard..i just bit a hole through your satin pillow.

Emy: thats fine im used to pillow biters

Nick: Im a hick..and a red neck..i only do it doggy style because im an ugly fag.
by emysarahjenna July 13, 2008
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