A male who enjoys taking it in the ass
I walked into the back bedroom at grimeys party last weekend and saw tex biting a pillow. Man he was getting a good ass pounding I wonder if he's still walking a little slow.
by Frank Grimes May 29, 2005
A human that is being fucked in the butt while there face is stuffed into a clothe sack filled with feathers.
The underground club known as " cornholes" is filled with dirty pillow biters.
by The A GAME March 31, 2011
Gettin the hammer in the back door.
Erin is such a pillow biter, she needs to take pain pills before she gets rammed!
by kate July 19, 2004
Derived from a derogatory term for gay men when in the passive position during anal sex.
Now used to describe moments of intense ecstasy where pleasure touches pain.
Man 1:"Wow, that pill I dropped was fucking mental. If I had tits, I would have cum on 'em."

Man2:"Yeah, I know. You should have seen your face, you looked like a right pillowbiter."
by Andy Pandy January 02, 2004
one of TWO ... yes TWO definitions
1: when some guy or girl is being butt shafted so hard they have to bite down on the pillow to stop them screaming as their butt come comes flowing out
2: someone who enjoys the licking/ sucking of the asshole before or after sex
1:woman 1: god i was ass slammed so hard last night i turned into a slutty pillow biter
woman 2: hahaha it takes at least 3 guys to turn ME into one of you NEWBS
2: mmm i enjoy being a pillow biter *slurp*
by thegiantcookie April 23, 2008
Often refers to a homosexual,the passive one that gets the butt-fuck!
Bite the pillow lad.. i'm comin in dry!!

Barrys mum was so ashamed of her son! she wanted an ankle biter n ended up wiv a fackin pillow biter!!!
by michael kavanagh April 15, 2005
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