1. One who bites pillows.

2. A homosexual male who engages in gay sex.

3. One who recieves anal sex and bites a pillow to keep from screaming.
Man, that guy with the pink shirt and tight leather pants is a pillowbiter.
by imjust2good December 10, 2007
anyone who receives anal sex and bites down on a pillow to keep from screaming.
Ziggy: Marcel looks timid but he's a total Pillowbiter.

Yin: Really now?

Ziggy: Yea, I'm always tempted to throw the pillows somewhere so I can hear him scream.
by DyingDalila October 04, 2009
Someone who enjoys taking it in the back side.
Jen: Jamie, you're walking kinda funny today...

Jamie: Yeah, I really got my pillow biter on last night.
by jewel17 February 11, 2009
One who likes to receive, as opposed to one who enjoys giving to others
Are you just some pillow biter, or are you interested in a give and take relationship
by mickylee is me February 20, 2009
when you have to bite down on a pillow to keep from waking every one else in the house during any form of sexual pleasure
when ever he goes down on me i turn into a total pillow biter
by Elle28292 October 07, 2008
Receiving anal sex.
Face down, ass up.
Jerry is such a pillow biter, you can tell by the way he walks.

You can tell Jerry is the pillow biter cos he acts the girl.
by Joanna164 October 25, 2007
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