A gay man, generally who prefers the "recieving" end in anal sex. A "bottom."
I hear that Phillip is a pillow-biter
by Pink January 30, 2004
One who bites pillows; colloquialism for any individual who is a recipient of anal sex, most often derogatory in nature.
"You dirty fucking pillowbiter!"
by Daemon July 27, 2002
A pillow biter is an individual who is in the act of being brutally pounded in the ass. Thump thump thump clap clap clap go the ass cheeks as this person bites down on a pillow to keep from screaming as his or her asshole is being torn open over and over and over. There are a lot of them in prisons.
That fuckin pillow biter cant even walk straight because his ass is so torn up.
by Lord Adrian I December 10, 2003
A homosexual man. One who has to bite a pillow so that people do not hear him screaming when hes taking it up the ass.
In the office, they silently call Jonathan a pillow biter, because they know his history with men.
by Shira Beth September 10, 2008
when either a girl or guy is bent over or lying face-down on a bed while being anally pounded, and they bite into a pillow to keep themselves from screaming and waking up the neighbors, kids, etc.
i'm a pillow biter when i take it in the ass.
by reginasmith June 05, 2007
Someone who enjoys doggy-style being so hard they have to bite the pillow to muffle their screams/moans.
Example 1

Joe: So, what was she like last night?
Bob: She's a total pillow-biter, dude!

Example 2 (insult)
You pillow-biter!!
by anyapiratepixy May 06, 2010
when someone is taking it up the ass, and can't handle it. so they bite a pillow, and scream into it.
there are a lot of pillow biters in a certain city, which shall not be named because they'll all give this a 'thumbs down'.
by Michael of SoCal February 24, 2007
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