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Putting a pillow case over ones head, (most of the time someone you hate) sweeping their feet out from underneath them, and beating the shit out of them (unless you are in a group, then you take turns)
Guy #1: Dude! You look like shit, what the hell happened?!
Guy #2: I was at the wrong end of a pillow party last night...
#fight #pillow #violence #case #party #beat up #beat shit out of
by QuanTM333 September 19, 2008
When a group of teenage girls gather one or two male classmates in an intimate environment and preform multiple oral sex acts on said males.
Billy was the lucky guest of honour at the Hill Valley High girls swim team pillow party.
#oral sex #oral #blow job #orgy #intimate
by Marty555 January 24, 2008
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