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A common effect when one goes into deep sleep. The concentration of intelligence across the membrane of your head to the pillow is very differential. Many times when your body is rested enough part of your brain diffuses into the pillow, because of the low intelligence gradient. This can result in a number of effects: often times the victim of pillow osmosis sleeps through their alarms, cannot wakeup, and only recovers until about 5 p.m the next day. To reverse the effects of Pillow Osmosis one can use a vacuum to suck the consciousness back into into the person. Violent beatings with a baseball bat, castration, and a curb stomp by Optimus Prime might bring the person back as well, these although will most often result in severe brain/bodily damage or death.
Billy: Wow Call the doctor Tom hasn't woke yet, and it's already five.

(five minuets later)

Doctor: It looks like Tom's brain has gone through pillow osmosis. There is only one thing I can do.....
Call in Optimus!
by praytobestrongermen May 18, 2011
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