A name used to humiliate ones manhood. A term used primarily in prison and is used in reference to demean anothers self esteem just to gain a false sence of power.
Deep down inside the shot caller was a pillow biter at heart.
by JBiggs January 25, 2004
Gay, especially a gay bottom or the masochist of a sado-masochistic homosexual pair. A homo, busycheeks, or a panty-waist,pansy,nancy boy
Bruce was a pillow biter, as his roommate found out.
by Luigi July 11, 2004
Male who enjoys the anal company of other males
That Will from Will & Grace, I bet he bites the pillow
by Homophobe November 14, 2002
One who is in denial of his own bisexuality, but can be found with teeth mark on the back of his neck... often blaming "too much to drink" or a "slow day at the office".
That Bubbaclubba in DAoC is such a pillow biter. I wonder he writes off the lube as a home office deduction?
by lordo October 29, 2006
A pillow biter is someone who likes its up the ass.In the process of getting rammed up the ass you grab anythign near you preferably a pillow then clamp down on it with ur teeth.This definition is mostly meant for faggot, gays, or women.
Fag 1: OMG AHH!!! It hurts so damn much!! (grabs pillow and bites down)
Fag 2: Take it like a man you fucking fag.
by pimp daddy bitch April 09, 2005
same as turd burglar, someone who takes part in anal sex
think about it!!!
by tartanbeastie February 08, 2004
A turd burglar whose turds are getting burgled, and can't take it.
Lance and Mike are a couple of pillow-bitin' turd burglars.
by STFU January 05, 2004

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