someone that takes a great deal of cock pounding in the ass
Exemple: People from Hollywood that get their shit packed, when the shaft is way deep in there, they bite the pillow and it makes them pillow biters
by Aidswizard January 16, 2012
A supposedly derogatory term for a homosexual man, particularly the ones that take it in the ass.
Personally, I rather like the term as it is, in my case, true :)
Mom: Son, do you have something to tell me?
Son: What are you talking about?
Mom: You're a pillow biter.
Son: How did you know!?
Mom: I saw the bite marks on your pillow.
Son: Oh.... Sally's preagnant.
Mom: WHAT!?
by Ilikegunsandkittens April 04, 2011
Biting a pillow, to relieve pain caused by anal penetration. Typically brought on by oneself with a deodorant can.
Sam- That Jamie Hurst bites his pillows, every night.

Harriet- Oh, hahah, I know, he's such a Pillow Biter.
by StuartTheLoneWolf June 20, 2012
Gay man. Can be used instead of fudge packer etc......
I can tell he is a pillow biter from a mile away !!!
by Rubber necker March 06, 2011
A man in jail who is forced to bite a pillow during anal intercourse with another man for the sake of lowering the noise level thereby preserving the heterosexual appearance of the initiator of anal intercourse (who is usually a more physically superior male).
Gerry is now my bitch and bites the pillow all the time!

I need to give that guy some cigarettes so that he won't make me a pillow biter.
by smirn_dogg December 05, 2011
The term used for a person who clenches their teeth on a pillow to reduce the pain and uncomfortbale feeling of anal sex.
"Dude, that girl was a real pillow biter. When she went, I had feathers and shit everywhere. I have to sleep in that fucking bed too."
by Pseudopseudonym April 23, 2009
A passive homosexual
by Anonymous March 25, 2003

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