A stupid pratt; a wazzock
He accidentally emailed page of dirty jokes to his boss's wife - the pillock.
by martin November 12, 2003
Top Definition
A man who has dropped a major bollock. Not nescessarily a stupid bloke, rather, one who has done a stupid act.
You great Pillock, why in God's name did you grab her arse?
by Tosher February 10, 2002
A person who commits a stupid act or one who's stupidity backfires.
"You burnt the toast AGAIN !? thats three times now, you pillock".
by London El Vis September 26, 2005
A British word for an Idiot or a real jerk!
For not helping me out and loosing my keys, you are a real pillock
by Dirk Patrick April 15, 2006
Person with one bollock ,now a derogatory term used to describe a generalised twat
That Chris Hodgson,he's a right pillock
by CAMRAMAN June 18, 2004
A British slang word that is occasionally used as a way of telling some one who has performed an action like a complete idiot. It is used as an alternative to: Idiot, Dumbass, Mong and other's to express one's stupidity
Oh my god! What the fuck was that?! You pillock!
by GeofftheChineseBusinessMan November 12, 2014
Noun for Idiot, fool. Originally a slang term for the penis but fairly inoffensive now its this meaning has been forgotten. Derog. ref British Slang Dictionary
You silly pillock, why did you do that for?
by John van Rooy May 01, 2002
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