ghettto ass high school in warwick, RI. maaad chill peopleee, &a few chill teachers. but its a pretty nasty buildinggg with leaky roofs and peely desks that get melty &gooeyy when its hot outtt. and a really cold hallway called 95.
vets kid : dude, you go to pilgrim ?

pilgrim kid : yeah, why ?

vets kid : i heard that place is a shitholee.

pilgrim kid : yeah, it kindof is. but vets is too. &plus the people there are waaack.
by becky travossos October 08, 2008
an annoying pope loving person found ENGULFING 'the gah' and other sydney suburbs. usual found with a chat orange backpack, strange national flag and can be heard singing a variety of songs about god and/or their country of orgin. It is custom to yell at pilgrims, give them strange looks and/or shake your head in revulsion.
wow look at that god loving soul with the chat clothes they must be a pilgrim!
by ally2792 July 18, 2008
1.) A Male who looks like they are dressed "feminine" to their other Male friends, or other Males in general.

2.) Usually a Male who dresses in a way that most would consider "Gay"

3.) Sometimes a Male who dresses in a fashion that would most likely pose as "Girly" to African-American Men (Stores such as American Eagle, Hollister, Express, Gap, etc.) who would consider stores such as : PacSun, Zumiez, Lids, Champs, Finish Line, Journey's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Hot Topic, Dickies, Spencer's, etc.) to be considered "Straight".

It could mean any of these things, none of them are exact.
Guy 1: "Man! Look at that dude over there! With his Express-lookin' Pilgrim @$$!"

Guy 2: "Yeah Man! Why he gotta go an' show hisself 'round like dat to 'erebody else and hate on Lids and Dick's for?"
by ~231&&P@r@m0R3&&231~ August 27, 2010
Something you have put into the oven to bake, usually bread or toast, then forgot about until you remove it burned. Bake it until it burns=you've got pilgrim.
I forgot about the garlic bread in the oven. That bread is now pilgrim.
by L. Steffen December 09, 2004
Constitutes a woman that you typically wouldn't ever leave a bar/club with, but its late so you "SETTLE" and leave with her.
In a last ditch effort, Jose found a "Pilgrim" in line at the Coat Check and took her to a Waffle House.
by Edwin Delgado April 19, 2006
1. An uptight, unimaginative, narrow-minded,prudish person. They don't engage in any activities they feel deviate from their norms, mostly because they are insecure about something.

2. Your typical conservative. Against abortion, but has no problem killing innocent children in the war. Hates women, but hates being gay even more. Believes everything the Bible "preaches" about homosexuality but ignores the stuff about love, closeness, togetherness, friendship and tolerance.
Stop being such a pilgrim and French me.
by vapeaurmauve December 10, 2006
stupid idoit that was hungry and made a holiday (thanksgiving) to make people bring lots of food to eat and made a holiday out of it.
I took over land and travel everywhere, now lets eat. pass the turkey, dweebus.

Hey I stole land from the Indians, lets have turkey.

Oh man, this mayflower crap is really tiring, I could eat a whole turkey.

"Wheres the food?" "i dunno how bout` you shoot a helpless turkey."
by Mike Metz December 11, 2003
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