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a hardcore street gang off of the streets of derry, newhampshire.
dont "f" with the pilgrims! their gangstarr!!
by B SLIPAZ October 07, 2003
5 12
Somebody who takes a salary from your tax money - like a nurse or teacher - but spends all their time working for the trade union bussing people to riots. Never does any actual work at all, at least not for the school or hospital that pays them.

Seen by some - including themselves - as nice and cuddly people, but they are not afraid to demand tax payers money. Apparently unaware that tax refuseniks can be dragged to prison if they withold the money, they don't see themselves as violent thieves, but they obviously are.
That 's not a nurse, its a good-for-nothing Pilgrim!

No wonder I'm thick... it turns out Mr Roberts is a fucking Pilgrim!
by libbo May 24, 2011
4 12
-A creative word created by the fellows from Massbmx.
A bmx slang term used by Massbmx often used to describe when someone fakies and fights the indian and does it the out the proper way.
Manny-Chase dehart totally did a pilgrim while doing a switch 180 down a nine set.
Mario-Better than those damn Indians.
by Mannyisthugg January 21, 2011
5 13
Somebody who is on their way somewhere.
Where the fuck are you going, pilgrim?
by Dave Z March 27, 2004
29 39
A verb. To steal or take somethng that isn't yours.
I didn't have enough cash so I pilgrimmed these batteries.


Someone broke into my house and pilgrimmed all my cds.


Don't trust that guy. He is a liar and a pilgrim.
by Leo X November 21, 2010
10 22
ghettto ass high school in warwick, RI. maaad chill peopleee, &a few chill teachers. but its a pretty nasty buildinggg with leaky roofs and peely desks that get melty &gooeyy when its hot outtt. and a really cold hallway called 95.
vets kid : dude, you go to pilgrim ?

pilgrim kid : yeah, why ?

vets kid : i heard that place is a shitholee.

pilgrim kid : yeah, it kindof is. but vets is too. &plus the people there are waaack.
by becky travossos October 08, 2008
3 15
an annoying pope loving person found ENGULFING 'the gah' and other sydney suburbs. usual found with a chat orange backpack, strange national flag and can be heard singing a variety of songs about god and/or their country of orgin. It is custom to yell at pilgrims, give them strange looks and/or shake your head in revulsion.
wow look at that god loving soul with the chat clothes they must be a pilgrim!
by ally2792 July 18, 2008
6 18