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The extremely raunchy sexual act, knowns as piledriving the fuckhole, is when a woman is folded over somewhat like a folding chair, and a man inserts his schlong into one of her orifices.

The fuckhole is any place that can be railed viciously in a sexual fashion. Use your imagination.

Sometimes, fuckhole can simply be used to make your conversations more interesting.

Synonyms: Bulldozing the fuckhole
1. (To the tune of wrecking ball) - " I came in like a wrecking ball, I surely bulldozed your fuckhole, I used great form on cue, so I could...pile drive youuuuu"

2. Do you mind if I insert my penis in your fuckhole?

3. Would you like to come to my fuckhole and drink some wine?

3. I piledrove her so hard in her fuckhole last night, my dick is no longer able to be hard. For now.

4. (to the tune of wrecking ball again) - "I came in like a wrecking ball, my name is (insert your name) fosho. You're a hoe....bounce on my pole then I...bulldoze your fuckhole.

5. Would you mind coming over and...piledrive my fuckhole?

6. I bulldozed her awesome fuckhole.
by tink1234567 March 02, 2014
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