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A hot girl with definite class, style, and swagga'. She likes pina colodas, and gettin' caught in the rain! She will be your best friend and stick by you no matter what. You can usually hit her up at her house where she'll be playing Nazi Zombies or MW2. She's genuine and nice to everyone she meets.
Boy 1 "Daaaammnnn, check out Pilar!"
Boy 2 "Bro, she's my girlfriend..."
Boy 1 "Sorry dawg. I didn't know..but...DAMN she so fine!!"
by Blanchid February 08, 2010
(Fr. Spanish: pillar, support) A woman who displays unswerving--and deserving--loyalty, support and affection within a romantic relationship.
Although a few people considered Pablo somewhat quixotic, his ladyfriend Linda was sharp enough to believe in him with all her heart. She was a real pilar and reaped the riches.
by Paul Kusinitz January 24, 2003
Pilar is a beutiful, funny,smart person ,and a great friend.... She is very caring and loves to have a good time. Loving and compassionate. And very very beutiful. Pilar is an all around amazing person. Loves to watch anime, loves funny movies. Pilar is a beast. She is breathtakingly beutiful. Pilar is an awesome person
Guy:Hey, do you know Pilar

Guy #2:Yeah, she's freaking awesome!
by The Jammasta December 11, 2010
Basically the coolest person you will ever meet. Amazing body amazing smile, just all-around gorgeous. When you look at her, your heart starts racing and you feel so happy you'll think, "I wonder if I ate too much of that muffin...".
Dam! Dat girl has got to be a Pilar!
by thesecondcoolestperson February 04, 2010
Means, big, manly, noble, corageous, anything that has to do with being a badass
That is one cool Pilar
by Pilar Munoz January 04, 2005
An amazing person, someone who likes to be different, in a good way. A caring, compassionate, and hilarious person. One of the best friends you can ever have.
Wow, that Pilar is so awesome! I can't stop laughing around her!!
by skittles25 January 08, 2011
(v) 1) To guiltlessly sample food with no intention of purchasing said food.

(n) A person without physical disability or mutation whose actions and mannerisms resemble a modern day Igor (hunch back, strange limp, heavy breathing).
(v) She makes me follow her inside Baskin Robins every time we pass it just so she can pilar the ice cream.

(n) Dude, the creepy guy from my math class won't leave my girlfriend alone. I swear that mother f***in' pilar better quit talking to her before I knock his lights out.
by teamkearney November 12, 2009
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