*continuation-> pikeschool2*

The Dress Code: THERE SHOULD BE A UNIFORM. dress code is stupid change your whole wardrobe NO JEANS, lettering, logos more than 1 inch, can't wear shorts/skirts 3 inches above the knee, no tight fitting clothes, no sweatshirts, no wearing jackets or hats indoors, boys wear collars, untied shoe laces, open back shoes, excessive jewelry
the result of this dress code is that parents r vry sad because they must spend all their remaining$on ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH clothing even the boys (lunch duties and warnings if dress code is broken).
Other Stupid Rules: no gum, no picking up snow, no eating outside, (punishment is Detention + Lunch duties)
MASCOT: piece of wheat
Pike philosophy: You have2include everyone. Even the losers. Non Sibi Solum. they try2sound fancy by using latin. There's also "Open Circle" goes from Kindergarten-5th grade that basically has the teachers being psychiatrists and promoting all of these life lessons that don't help anyone ex: The double D rule-destruction and destroy always be a tattle tale if you see someone doing something remotely normal
GRADES: average is B+
if you don't get at least an A-, you aren't trying at all. everyone gets honor roll, 1/4 of the grade gets high honor, and 4 people don't get anything <-- those ppl are stupid
Don't you just want to come to pike really badly?
PikeSchool2* teacher: *Pulls aside student* "Um, I think your skirt is more than 3 inches above your knee."
PikeSchool2* student: "..."
PikeSchool2* teacher: *Takes a index card and puts it against girl's leg* "Never mind, you're ok, false alarm."
by TheWheaties :D November 19, 2011

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