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One who is extremely well at selling drugs, not going to school, blaming white people for their problems, and spending welfare checks on grape drank.

Here is a list of the known pigment Ninjas:

The fast Ninja:
One who is extremely well at running from the Police, this form of pigment hails from Kenya. They never stop running.

The educated Ninja:
Thought to be extinct, these ninjas have only been mentioned in myth. Only one is thought to exist and he will be the next president.

The dreaming Ninja:
Martin Luther King

The "Glove just doesn't fit Ninja"
OJ Simpson, also known as the "I didn't do it Ninja.

The Church Ninja:
Good examples of these Ninjas are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, these Ninjas are actually Black Supremacists.

The Muffin Top Ninja:
The female pigment ninja, these ninjas believe that they are sexy, when in fact they are far from anything resembling boner material.

The KFC Ninja:
The most common form of Pigment Ninja, These ninja's are thought to be part of the Colonels army.

The Nigga Ninja:
This form of Pigment uses the word Nigga every other word.

There are many other forms of Pigment Ninjas around the world but these are the most common

Look at that Pigment Ninja over there.

Ya he sure does enjoy that KFC.
by Nigga4lyfeHomieG December 20, 2008

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