Is what Sheffield Wednesday fans are known as. They try and label the blades fans as piggys but they are fighting a lost cause because everyone knows Wednesday as the piggys. This once great club has now fallen into obscurity. Yorkshire is embarassing enough but Sheff Wed is now the embarassment of Yorkshire. These people must be sick and tired about hearing how big Wednesday are, when really the bottom line is they make Doncaster look good.

As for Sheffield itself, its become one big pile of mess ever since the steel industry collapsed. Therefore, it is understandable that the working class folk of sheffield battle day and night to call each other piggy's.
An example of a piggy will be found at Hillsbrough. As the saying goes, if pigs could fly, hillsbrough would be an airport
by Danny Smith November 11, 2004
Top Definition
1. Fat kid with glasses who gets smashed by a large bolder in the Lord of the Flies.
1. "Piggy's arms and legs twitched a bit, like a pig's after it has been killed."
by Ben Filippini October 17, 2003
5-0; po-po; derogatory term for a police officer
e.g. God damn it piggy here ya'll, book it!!
by KillinKrullin November 12, 2002
recommended name for police officers
"oi jason, the piggies are here, quick hide the plants dude, hide the fucken plants man"
by Brother Number One May 06, 2003
Slang for "toes." Plural form of "piggy."
Singular: "This little piggy went to market..."

Plural: "My piggies are freezing."
by Rod Brock March 09, 2007
A male, often overweight intellectual. Is generally used in a complimentary fashion. Comes from the character Piggy in Lord of the Flies.
Piggy, you're the coolest, smartest guy on the planet.
by Jess March 28, 2005
A slang term for cops.
oh crap the piggys are coming get the weed and run.
by Kathy R February 02, 2008
1) To have ecstatic euphoria directed over an object

2) Squeal in delight for days.
I'm piggies for some ice-cream right now.
by Luskca June 12, 2011
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