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an extreme case of being a pig; more dirty, gross, smelly, yucky than just a normal pig.
Stop acting like such a piggis?!
by Mr.Master January 25, 2010
Saying piggi is one way to avoid the "N-Word" and still offending another person. In most German subcultures Piggi is equal to nigger, but don't get confused: "Miss Piggy" is NOT a way to discribe black women except for fat ones.
A: Der neue Schüler ist ein Piggi.
B: Er ist fett?
A: Nein, er hat einen afrikanischen Migrationshintergrund.

A: The new student is a piggi.
B: He's fat?
A: No, he came from Africa in the first place.

by UD-Germany February 15, 2009