Where police officers have nothing better to do other than harrass young adults and teenagers alike.
Chief Wiggum and Barney Fife pulled us over and asked if they could search the vehicle. I told them no and they respond with,"so what you're trying to tell me is that you are unsure if you have marijuana in your car? I said I am sure that I don't have any marijuana in the vehicle please stop pigging around officer fife and chief wiggum.
by Mike Douglas April 01, 2006
Top Definition
When you damage or destroy inventory or equipment at your workplace due to boredom, aggrevation, poor morale, or just because you want to break something. It can even be turned into a game where you see who can rack up the highest dollar amount of things destroyed. It can be especially satisifing when you cause damage to the building that the boss has to look at every day.
I'm pigging this ground fault tester and I don't care if the boss finds out.

I love hitting the beam in the warehouse when I'm pigging cause you can hear the crash in the whole building.
by wittle buddy squarepants December 02, 2009
píg-in: anal sex with an obese man or woman.
Come on Fatty, let's have some pigging. I'll stick it right in your ass!

Fatty loved getting pigged in his ass.
by Hal Jackson December 05, 2006
Pigging is when you pick up fat chicks with the entention to screw them.
Hey John, wanna go pigging?
by krazykrackadrew August 06, 2004
A game played by mostly young adult males in which before proceeding to the bar a wager of money by all participants are put into a "pot". The person to take home the most obese female and have sexual relations with said female wins all the money in the "pot"
Hey Jack wanna go pigging tonight?

Jack: No man if I bang one more fat chick I'm gonna need a shrink!
by philobeddoe May 14, 2011
Pigging is the act of "Man on man action with men", situated in an open secluded area (i.e. parkland or deserted car park). Pigging activities risen from the boycott of women from traditional "dogging" that resulted in the "Boys" spurring off and making their own specialty men only dogging committee. From then on women was aggressively turned away with pitchforks.
"Hey Julian! Them split arse cunts want to get involved with pigging again!

"Fucking give them twats the fucking marching orders back to fucking dogging the cunts!" Replied Michael Barrymore.
by Double-G Star May 14, 2015
Eat too much food like a pig
I was pigging at the buffet
by Luppakorva January 18, 2016
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