Someone who goes around begging people for their scraps all the time, much like the birds that roam the streets of big cities. A pigeon typically asks for handouts from friends, family, and the government. Pigeons tend to be liberal scum that embrace being handed things that aren't theirs and that they don't deserve.
"Will asks me for my leftover pizza every time I order myself some."
I'm not surprised, the fuckin pigeon asks me for all my leftovers too.
by tjax69 February 28, 2014
A silly old bat who walks around random libaries telling people to be quiet her famous catchphrase
Pigeon - If you dont be quiet you can get out
by Kaneesha Bowes January 21, 2009
Speed. Particularly the smokeable variety....
From the way people gather "like pigeons" when someone's heating up the pipe... And then hang around all day and make noise and act stupid, like pigeons.
"pidge" or "pige" now has come to mean the drug itself, not just the dirty greedy pigeons who hang around...
"oh, I see the pigeons are gathering in the park to smoke pige.'
by crossmad April 14, 2008
A woman who traffics bags of cocaine either by ingestion or by anal or vaginal orifices.
...her friends like, don't go that shit is a trap, they'll have you trafficin, swallowin, shittin smack
they pigeons in fact...
by ta-dao! September 02, 2009
What a homeless person becomes when it realizes that the local business park morons will feed them and "take pitty" on them. Once this happens the homeless come around constantly and get pushy, leave their shit everywhere, haggle your customers and generally act like pigeons.
Dee! Don't feed the damn pigeons!
by 4550apollo November 30, 2007
Film industry slang term for a small steel plate with a pin welded onto it that is the right size for mounting small lights on. Often screwed into a pancake to make a beaver board.
It's great to have a pigeon around when you need to put up a light in a tight space.
by Ian Ragsdale October 14, 2005
Someone who always pops up somewhere as if from no where. And you never notice when there not there, but you always notice when they are!
Sam wasn't in school today
Really!? Didnt notice
Thats because he's such a pigeon
by Pheebz February 02, 2008
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