A person who is dating your ex that is collecting the crumbs,scraps and leftovers you left behind. Most likely a downgrade who is taking your sloppy seconds.
Guy 1: Dude, you see that pigeon picking those bread crumbs over there?

Guy 2: You mean my ex and her downgrade?
by swagger_status January 04, 2011
A poor Poker player. The principal food of professional Poker players.
If you can't tell who the pigeon is at the table in ten minutes, it's you.
by Salsa Shark July 29, 2005
To walk in a room, take a shit on everything in the room, and then walk (or fly) away.
That client just pigeoned all over my ideas.
by mr. meathooks March 27, 2015
You're playing chess against a Pigeon, and even if you win the Pigeon will smash all the pieces off the board and shit all over it.

It's a human behavior compiled by several different features such as (but not limited to) being a dick, douche or asshole and in a way not giving a shit about other people or acceptable social rules. A pigeon is annoying and is usually enhanced by Alcohol.
Someone spills a drink on your carpet but doesn't clean it up.
- "Man you're such a fucking Pigeon"

A group of drunk girls singing "I wanna dance with somebody" at 5am outside your window with no regards to sleeping residents".
- "Man I wish these pigeons would shut the fuck up. "

A person takes 7 tokes of a joint in 1 go in a circle of 6 people, disregarding the puff puff pass rule.
- "Man that guy is such a pigeon"
by Sebbe SWEDEN November 11, 2014
When you ejaculate out the second floor or higher window, and hit someone below you, like a pigeon.
Andrew was putting his keys in the door when he felt something on his shoulder. He thought it was a bird, but he got pigeoned by Nick.
by Crackershinobi. June 27, 2009
Someone who snitches on a situation
Joe is in Jail because his girlfriend was a pigeon.
by Sara March 21, 2005
a type of person in a group who adds nothing to the dynamic, but has a generally negative more than positive effect
I swear Lauren is such a fucking pigeon.
by writer 1999 March 10, 2016
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