A Pigeon is basically your average valley girl, only meaner, and more ignorant. Pigeons tend to say things like, "Is cancer a sexually-transmitted disease like AIDS?". Pigeons can also be boys. Pigeon-boys, while mean and ignorant, are the type of guys that go to Warped Tour just so they can brag to their friends about going. They don't usually like the music, although they might know all the words.

Word Founded By: Chasity Harlan
Pigeon-girl: Imagine you're walking down the hallway at school, in a long black dress with black tennis shoes, and all of a sudden, you hear these giggles. You realize (dum dum dum) they're pigeons. As soon as you realize this, one squeals, "OMIGAWD! Wearing tennis shoes with a skirt?!?!? That is *such* a fashion no-no!" More giggles after that. A few months later, you see the same flock wearing skirts and matching tennis shoes. Oh, the irony.

Pigeon-boy: Metrosexuals in trucker hats. They're the kind of guy who asks someone out just to get a reply. No matter what your answer is, they'll stalk down the hallway, throwing an "I was just kidding" over the shoulder back at you. But occasionally, they'll drag it on for a day or tow just to see how long it takes you to realize that they don't actually like you. Now, keep in mind, pigeon-boys are not your average, run-of-the-mill jocks. Oh, no. They are a much more ancient, primal breed. Yes, even more primal than the jocks who seem to communicate entirely through grunts (jockspeak).

We cannot let these inferior breeds muddle our less inferior, but not quite superior ones.
by Chasity Harlan January 01, 2005
1)a girl who's pussy aint worth the remarder (remembering) cause her freinds look hotter.
2)the girl in a group who is the loud mouth gets any guys attention but is generaly the one who is the biggest slut out of the group.
3)A broke bitch, Usually got more then one babys daddy, Strips all week to go clubbing, buys a dress to front then take it back to the store the next week,
there doesnt need an example the boys know this one about pigeons
by Audiboy October 12, 2005
Dirt-ay hoe that fucks a guy once and doesnt leave. She gets him to pay her bills and have her babies and take care of them while she fucks other guys
Sabrina is a pigeon
by Melvin_flynt_da hustla November 13, 2003
Insecure hoes who got many kids with differnt fathers. still live with ther parents and they make their mother watch em while they go out and try to baby trap another brotha.
yo dog watch out fo' them pigeon they psycho hoes bitch!!!
by Noble Knicht May 08, 2003
to shit and piss at the same sitting, or having to do this
oh fuck, i got to go pigeon!
by fartsniffer May 25, 2002
a pigeon is them nasty hoes even fat ones that be wearing them half shirts up in the club and their gut be hanging out with no shame. They need to stop shaking that stretch mark ass before they get a heart attack.

even them old ass hoes trying to hang out at clubs they need to give that wrinkled pussy a face lift. they still be doing them ancient dances. the fuck you thinking pigeon??? you need to go and bury yourself to solve your midlife crisis!
damn!! look at that old pigeon go!!! that drooping ass titty just flying everywhere! that shit is sad, it got no more bounce.

The fuck that fat pigeon doing? exercising? she need to stop clapping with them burgers in her hands. dang, shes making a mess.
by GhettoFab May 10, 2003
a female who disgraces other females by acting like a hoe,wearing tight clothes that are two sizes too small for them, have busted ass faces, all while wearing the same fucking thong and never changing it and still swears they look good
madeline burgose also known as the 52 skank of mark twain in yonkers new york
by syx July 26, 2003

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