A Pigeon is basically your average valley girl, only meaner, and more ignorant. Pigeons tend to say things like, "Is cancer a sexually-transmitted disease like AIDS?". Pigeons can also be boys. Pigeon-boys, while mean and ignorant, are the type of guys that go to Warped Tour just so they can brag to their friends about going. They don't usually like the music, although they might know all the words.

Word Founded By: Chasity Harlan
Pigeon-girl: Imagine you're walking down the hallway at school, in a long black dress with black tennis shoes, and all of a sudden, you hear these giggles. You realize (dum dum dum) they're pigeons. As soon as you realize this, one squeals, "OMIGAWD! Wearing tennis shoes with a skirt?!?!? That is *such* a fashion no-no!" More giggles after that. A few months later, you see the same flock wearing skirts and matching tennis shoes. Oh, the irony.

Pigeon-boy: Metrosexuals in trucker hats. They're the kind of guy who asks someone out just to get a reply. No matter what your answer is, they'll stalk down the hallway, throwing an "I was just kidding" over the shoulder back at you. But occasionally, they'll drag it on for a day or tow just to see how long it takes you to realize that they don't actually like you. Now, keep in mind, pigeon-boys are not your average, run-of-the-mill jocks. Oh, no. They are a much more ancient, primal breed. Yes, even more primal than the jocks who seem to communicate entirely through grunts (jockspeak).

We cannot let these inferior breeds muddle our less inferior, but not quite superior ones.
by Chasity Harlan January 01, 2005
A game only played when extremely intoxicated, involves sticking a Rizla (cigarette paper) to ones nose, setting fire to it, and trying to put it out by saying pigeon, if you are sucessful, you are legend for the rest of your life, if you are not, you have a sore nose
*at party*
Simon: Hey Alex, give you a game of Pigeon
Alex: Yeah sure man
*a minute later*
by Birdygamer June 09, 2011
A reference to ones breasts boobs. Penguins is also a unisex term.
You have a great set of pigeons there!
Those pigeons are HUGE!
by NASH12203 May 26, 2010
A poor Poker player. The principal food of professional Poker players.
If you can't tell who the pigeon is at the table in ten minutes, it's you.
by Salsa Shark July 29, 2005
Bitchen Sluts dat r still Single!
Yo!, Obie Trice! Pick me up some Pigeonz!
by OLSKOO November 29, 2003
Someone who does something dumb or stupid, idiotic behavior.
"lol Mark told the lamest joke yesterday, what a pigeon."

"James missed the easiest free kick, what a pigeon!"
by James Meeerrett June 13, 2012
Someone who goes around begging people for their scraps all the time, much like the birds that roam the streets of big cities. A pigeon typically asks for handouts from friends, family, and the government. Pigeons tend to be liberal scum that embrace being handed things that aren't theirs and that they don't deserve.
"Will asks me for my leftover pizza every time I order myself some."
I'm not surprised, the fuckin pigeon asks me for all my leftovers too.
by tjax69 February 28, 2014
When you ejaculate out the second floor or higher window, and hit someone below you, like a pigeon.
Andrew was putting his keys in the door when he felt something on his shoulder. He thought it was a bird, but he got pigeoned by Nick.
by Crackershinobi. June 27, 2009

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