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A Pigeon is basically your average valley girl, only meaner, and more ignorant. Pigeons tend to say things like, "Is cancer a sexually-transmitted disease like AIDS?". Pigeons can also be boys. Pigeon-boys, while mean and ignorant, are the type of guys that go to Warped Tour just so they can brag to their friends about going. They don't usually like the music, although they might know all the words.

Word Founded By: Chasity Harlan
Pigeon-girl: Imagine you're walking down the hallway at school, in a long black dress with black tennis shoes, and all of a sudden, you hear these giggles. You realize (dum dum dum) they're pigeons. As soon as you realize this, one squeals, "OMIGAWD! Wearing tennis shoes with a skirt?!?!? That is *such* a fashion no-no!" More giggles after that. A few months later, you see the same flock wearing skirts and matching tennis shoes. Oh, the irony.

Pigeon-boy: Metrosexuals in trucker hats. They're the kind of guy who asks someone out just to get a reply. No matter what your answer is, they'll stalk down the hallway, throwing an "I was just kidding" over the shoulder back at you. But occasionally, they'll drag it on for a day or tow just to see how long it takes you to realize that they don't actually like you. Now, keep in mind, pigeon-boys are not your average, run-of-the-mill jocks. Oh, no. They are a much more ancient, primal breed. Yes, even more primal than the jocks who seem to communicate entirely through grunts (jockspeak).

We cannot let these inferior breeds muddle our less inferior, but not quite superior ones.
by Chasity Harlan January 01, 2005
Female who goes out looking for dates
by false advertising. Then they try to get them to do something ill mannered like pay for their bills.

Facts: Bird is slang for woman in other countries.

Origin: made popular in late 90's by rap group "Sporty Thieves" in a reply to "TLC" song called Scrubs

Pigeon is derived from Pigeon feet. Which is a foot disease you get by constantly wearing tight shoes like high heels.

Some characteristics are...
Ugly feet, constantly going to the solon to pluck there mustache,
clothes are borrowed,

Fake Things on there body... like fake hair, fake nails, fake lashes, fake Eyecolor etc..

Physically Altered Body.... fake nose, fake boobs, fake lips, face lifts.

Pretty much somebody who can't just be real to attract somebody and may use the person for personal gain.
"fuck going to that club, ther nothing but pigeon out there tonight".

(after wig falls off)... "ughhhhh!!! get the fuck away from me PIGEON!!!!".
by Lec2 February 10, 2003
A small feathered creature that eats french fries and like to defacate ontop of people, cars, important things. A subspecies of bird. Also known as the feathered rat or gutter bird.
The fucking pigeon shat on my window!
by Fred September 22, 2003
a key or kilo of cocaine
lil jay's got pigeons for 17 1/2 G's a piece
by powadekim May 10, 2006
A mostly brainless ball of fat and feathers that poops on everything. Can be trained, but why?
Stupid pigeon pooped on my car!
by Laser Potato August 23, 2004
pigeon, 19th century new york slang for an informer.
jimmy was a pigeon for a crusher.
by meniven December 12, 2003
- A Serb (Cigan as they call themselves), pertaining to Serbia, its inhabitants, or their language
- A native or inhabitant of Serbia
- The Slavic language spoken in Serbia and adjacent areas
- A person whose background is Serbian or somewhat Serbian
A Pigeon is Somebody who is a pussy so they take it out of a girl, they build walls around their home for the woman in their home country, like borat, (no joke).

Pigeons infest places and reproduce like rats before selling their daughters for a case of beer.

Pigeons will only fight in large numbers against a single person or couple.
by DamirIlich May 26, 2009
F**KING SKY RATS! Although the word is funny....
Other than Barnaby, the one legged Pigeon in Dundee
by Fluffy Bunnies April 23, 2004