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1. A girl, young woman, or older female whose breast size is less than desirable.
2. A small breasted woman whose tits can be compared to the size of a pigeon's breasts.
3. A teen girl who is under developed physically.
4. A young boy with excess female hormones who has small tits growing.
Damn that girl has pigeon tits, sad!
Her pigeon tits are so small I saw her in the park with a flock of 'em and they were all laughing at her!
by DeathFromBelow December 30, 2011

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Men who ahve little floppy pieces of flab like pigeon tits.

Taken from the full monty.

man - tops off!

Second man - hey im so depressed recently guys

man - stfu pigeon tits
by Frosties. February 15, 2007