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A "Nappy Headed Hoe" Who enjoys performing oral sex for favours and/or sometimes drugs.
Notice the fraying hair at the end of the dreadlocks, as it is usually a tell tale sign of a pigeon head. While looking like nothing more than loose hair, be warned, if ejaculated upon, these split ends will reproduce at an alarming rate. So beware and handle your local "Pigeon Head" with care.
-"Man, take a look at all them Pigeon Heads, I bet a nigger could get some mad dome for a point."

-"Pigeon Heads give great head!" exclaimed Dick to Jane. As to which Jane replies, "I want to be a pigeon head when I grow Up!"
by John Boozy February 22, 2009
A person who's head is too small in proportion to the size of the rest of their body.
Oi look at that pigeon head over there!

Graham Norbiton was born a premature child, 2 months early. During his growth his head growth was slower than his body growth, resulting in Graham becoming a 'Pigeonhead'
by Simon Pike July 31, 2013
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