A female police officer.
Hey son don't go up there, that one bulldyke pigbitch is patrolling the block.
by RedFlackal October 20, 2007
Top Definition
An affluent, good-looking rich woman, driving a larger SUV, with a cell phone plastered to her ear, with no regard for anyone else on the road.
The pig-bitch blew our doors off to get her kids to soccer practice.
by bigpitch June 05, 2009
A male or female that is so dirty and piggish you have to double up with insults because they're so dirty.
That pig bitch gave my dog herpes! That pig bitch spilled her drink on my Louvoutin!!!
by MishaStylist January 29, 2015
A buttugly woman that resembles a pig head with a large human body.Spreads lies talks in a hight pitched voice and is an all round bitch.
See bitch dingleberry
Damn that Pig-Bitch all she does is eat and bullshit.
by Poochio November 02, 2003
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