A white american.
Pale Face
sound- piff
therefore PIFFY is a paleface.
I went to a piffy bake sale yesterday, all the cookies were bland and the cakes were dry as toast.
by bujubulub January 10, 2010
1. A fictional character from Manchester who usually seen only on a wet weekend. Piffy resides on a rock.

2. Term of endearment pertaining to those who are blessed puppeteers.

3. Can mean poof
1. Oooo! You look like piffy on a wet weekend sat over there - what's up?

2. Oh look there are a gaggle of piffies coming our way - hurray!
by James Macnamara June 14, 2004
something that is wet or soggy, such as wet wood.
That would not make good firewood, that wood is piffy.
by Annette November 15, 2004
As above, but can also be found on a lonely lilly hurtling down a raging river.
I feel like piffy on a lonely lilly hurtling down a raging river all by myself.
by Antonius Macmenemie June 19, 2004
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