1. A fictional character from Manchester who usually seen only on a wet weekend. Piffy resides on a rock.

2. Term of endearment pertaining to those who are blessed puppeteers.

3. Can mean poof
1. Oooo! You look like piffy on a wet weekend sat over there - what's up?

2. Oh look there are a gaggle of piffies coming our way - hurray!
by James Macnamara June 14, 2004
Top Definition
Legendary "Ultimate" Boarder from the Mountain Xpress Forums.

A crass, nihilistic stoner with a penchant for cough syrup and bad gangsta rap.

Gathered about 12,000 posts in just two years. Epic.
Piffy was posting up all night again. He swept the Forums, then started a fight with boatrocker.

Piffy is a liberal Obamabot shill.
by the PFKaP December 14, 2010
Extremely cute, often cuddly.
My girlfriend's so piffy!
by Ricky Pumper March 01, 2004
1)Marijuana, buds, dank, pot, weed, grass, sticky icky, ghanja green, budda, chronic, trees, fire, then there's that fire fire, skunk, cannabis, Wacky terbacky, funk, reefer, ect...
1) but you want be as likely as fifty, i light me some PIFFY like elebright on the enffy (lyrics from Lil Wayne)

2)Get me that piffy, I'm higher than my attire (lyrics from Lil Wayne)

3)That piffy (you know)
presidential shit, bill clinton (you know)(lyrics from Lil Wayne)
by Lydon Brooks October 06, 2007
How to describe an apple that is mushy and does not produce a nice, crisp, and clean bite. The apple's insides feel almost dry in your mouth and it is overall unenjoyable.
"Don't eat those granny smith apples, they're all piffy. I spit out the first bite."
by Pegasus Bicycle September 04, 2009
Someone is "hot" "good looking" "bang-able" "sexy"
Your mums a piffy I bet I could bang her!
by AnonymousAnswers August 17, 2014
another word for a crisp/potato chip.
"would you like a packet of piffys?"
by mojopunkin December 27, 2009
getting piffy.... one who gets irritated..at another person
when ...fawn809.. humps.. red's leg.... others get all piffy at him
by Red8 September 21, 2010

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