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Very cool name for South Africans and all over the world. Known for its greatness and therefore, everything gets blamed on Pieter because of envy.
Kill Pieter first because we are so envious of his cool name.
by t0tti3 May 29, 2004
A male person, mostly white. Often mistaken for a god because of his incredible coolness and hotness.
Girl #1: Damn that's some hot stuff over there.
Girl #2: Yeh girl, that's a Pieter!
by borat20 November 03, 2006
Group of humans often praised for their sexyness and muscular body. They are known to have the force to attract girls without doing anything. People suspect that the ancient Inca's already worshipped these half-gods.
"Ohh I love Pieter so much! And I don't know why!"
by Pietur May 27, 2009
Very tall boy who doesn't give a shit about anything. Also likes to terrorise toilets in his spare time
"That tall boy over there just made his exam and kept his phone in his pocket anyway, he is such a Pieter"
by mortenfokker May 18, 2016
A guy of the Caucasian race, mostly with upper middle class income.

some are sexy, some are ugly ass-troll like assholes piece of crap that may be mistaken for Bigfoot if found in a dense wooden forest of north American and Canada.
That guy Pieter was shot on the leg, when he was confused for Bigfoot by a hunter.
by fenchtoad June 26, 2010
A dutch word for a man who is madly in love with a hannah.
Dude, that guy is so Pieter right now.
by Pietrov September 05, 2009
a name which u can blame anything on
such as rape, molestation of small boys
used by priest frequently when questioned about his love life with god
i didn't have sex with that woman pieter did
by jack meoff November 12, 2003
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