Located in the bay area. Where Stanton lives. People from here often root for the SF Giants, NY Knicks, Oakland Raiders, and SJ Sharks.
Hi, I'm from Piedmont. I rep the bay area.
#piedmont #stanton #bay area #raiders #giants
by RobJR April 21, 2008
The tumor of Oakland.
Lets embargo Piedmont!
by Oaktown Balla April 24, 2005
A multicultural, racially diverse community surrounded by Oakland, CA.
The only prevalent gang in Piedmont are the "$outh $ide Ballaz," also known as the P-town hustlas. This well-known gang is said to originate in Southern Piedmont, more specifically in the King/Farragut/$ea View Avenues. Piedmont is no place for wiggers/honkeys/wannabes/punk ass skaters, only true pimps wont get a cap in their ass.
Dont fuck wit the homies in P-town, or $teve-0 and Ma$ta Nick will bust a cap in yo ass.
by $teve-0 and Masta N$ March 10, 2005
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