Located in the bay area. Where Stanton lives. People from here often root for the SF Giants, NY Knicks, Oakland Raiders, and SJ Sharks.
Hi, I'm from Piedmont. I rep the bay area.
by RobJR April 21, 2008
A tiny, boring town of about 3,000 people in southeast Missouri. Full of rednecks and baptists. Has one hotel in the whole town.
I'm from Piedmont, I have to drive 45 minutes just to get to a Wal- Mart Supercenter!
by I Wanna Yugo July 04, 2009
A small town in the Bay Area in which everyone is filthy rich except me. Most residents belong to three country clubs, have at least four SUVs and own a couple dozen monogramed Gucci purses with gold braid. Most people are lawyers, CEOs, or architects. "Down town" consists of a small market filled with junkfood, a few schools, and two banks. It is the most boring place on earth, unless you have rich friends to mooch off of. If you learn to work the Piedmontian system, life is good. One may also join the ever-growing Piedmont Ghetto Society (PGO), bringing Gangsta into Piedmont society since 2005.
"Dude, did you hear about the lady who called the police because a cat was lying in the road blocking traffic?"
"Ya, that's soooo Piedmont."

"Yo mams's so snobby, she must live in Piedmont." ooooh burn.
by Francophile June 09, 2006
a small city completely surrounded by oakland. everyone there is hella rich and arrogant.
oakland kid: oh, your from piedmont?

piedmont kid: yes i am.

oakland kid: oh, so you must like cock in your mouth.

piedmont kid: why, yes, yes i do!
by 197anonymous949 April 09, 2008
SUrrounded by Oakland in the Bay-Area. Mostly snobby, white, rich and racist.
Wife: OMG! THere is a non-white person walking on the street
Husband: Better call the police
by Gabe February 08, 2005
A diverse, mainly white, city surrounded by Oakland, California. This city does have white folks, but sure as hell shouldnt be messed with. Tags all around state the name of, "I.F.B", a prestigous gang in the making. The members of I.F.B are highly known and are packing high heat. So you best not fuck around with them, or you might just end up in a dumpster, full of holes.
Jimmy: Sup Man.You from Piedmont?

RDOGG: Hell yea' boi.
by TheMole May 02, 2005
The "Little White Trash Town" right in the middle of Oakland. Mostly white people, yes, but it's not like we CHOSE to live here. Believe it or not, not everyone in Piedmont is extremely rich... The main point is that we can't stereotype people just because of where they are from. Piedmont is boring, but it has a pretty park which is fun to go to during lunch and/or after those evil-looking crazies with endless supplies of dry-erase markers set you free from that place they call High School for the day.
Scene 1
In Creative Writing Class:
H: Hehe, massages are fun!
C: Come on, relax, I'm just trying to get out your tension knots... Think of it as a bunch of happy rainbow sprinkles!
I: Sure, sure... Sprinkles on my cupcake of PAIN!
H: I repeat. Massages are funnnnnn.

Scene 2
I finally have actual friends with actual good music taste! In Piedmont! Woot!
H: One day we will die, and our ashes will fly from The Aeroplane Over The Sea...
I: Under a Tuesday Moon...
by Cexy September 27, 2007
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