A small town in the Bay Area in which everyone is filthy rich except me. Most residents belong to three country clubs, have at least four SUVs and own a couple dozen monogramed Gucci purses with gold braid. Most people are lawyers, CEOs, or architects. "Down town" consists of a small market filled with junkfood, a few schools, and two banks. It is the most boring place on earth, unless you have rich friends to mooch off of. If you learn to work the Piedmontian system, life is good. One may also join the ever-growing Piedmont Ghetto Society (PGO), bringing Gangsta into Piedmont society since 2005.
"Dude, did you hear about the lady who called the police because a cat was lying in the road blocking traffic?"
"Ya, that's soooo Piedmont."

"Yo mams's so snobby, she must live in Piedmont." ooooh burn.
by Francophile June 09, 2006
Top Definition
A small town surrounded by Oakland in the Bay Area. Very prestigious to live in. Many people from Piedmont are characterized by being rich and snobby (which is sometimes true, but not all the time). Piedmont is located in the East Bay (the best part of the Bay Area), and in NorCal, AKA the better half of California.
Joe: Hey, dude, where do you live?

Sir Pinkington III: I happen to reside in the hills of Piedmont.

Joe: You mean... Piedmont? So what, you're rich or something?

Sir Pinkington III: Why, yes, yes I am. I inhabit a mansion on Sea View Avenue, the richest street in all of Piedmont.
by dgo December 24, 2004
Small, unincorporated town surrounded by Oakland, California. Predominiately caucasian, upper-middle class population. Most residents identify with a more liberal political affiliation. Piedmont is usually classified by it's "Upper" region; El Cerrito Ave. and Eastward. "Baja Piedmont," is the area below this, and it is shunned by the SUV-driving residents of the adjacent "Upper" reigon.
1. "Hey, look at that mom driving her Volvo station wagon with the Kerry bumper sticker to temple."
"Yeah, that's hella Piedmont."

2. "There's nothing to do except go to the triple-keg in the cemetary and cruise Highland."
"Piedmont sucks, man."
by lsvvv December 08, 2005
A small town adjacent to Oakland which is known for being mainly white with other minority groups sprinkled in. The majority of its residents are upper middle class or wealthier and the children of Piedmont are either enrolled in its "very good" public school system or attend immensely expensive private schools in the immediate Bay Area. But, it's worth noting that this town is not full of typical all-American families. Most people are liberal and most of the children indulge in dubious behavior to which their parents are oblivious to, especially because mansions are pretty big and the parents are generally too busy making money to raise their children properly.
Kid #1: Where is Katie from?
Kid #2: She's from Piedmont.
Kid #1: We should kidnap her and hold her for ransom then.
Kid #2: I don't think her parents would notice.
by take_the_scenic_route January 14, 2007
A town situated in the center of Oakland. Lots of rich people/millionaires. Mostly white but many Asians too. Some people are okay, most are kinda dbags. Piedmont's high school football team developed the A11 offense. PMS is the badly named middle school.
Oakland Kid 1:Hey look white people!
Oakland Kid 2:They must be from Piedmont.
by Booty booty booty 3 May 11, 2011
Small city surrounded by Oakland CA.
Piedmont has good schools because so many Piedmonters are rich.
by Milsana June 18, 2004
Its a small city right in the middle of Oakland. Many people dont like it because we have a reputation for being snobby, stuck up, racist, spoiled and materialistic. For a couple people at our school, this is true...but what school doesnt have these people?
Piedmont is really pretty and a nice town. Most people either hate it or love it. We have a deep sense of community, but some people can be all bad.
At a soccer game:
A: Get outta my way stuck up piecmont bitch.
P: What? im not stuck up. What is your problem?
by C07 June 23, 2005
The area of skin on the male between the base of the penis and the scrotum, a common source of itching, also defined as the base of a mountain.
"Dude Brittany was giving me a blowjob and had her tongue down to my piedmont."
by Rampness December 28, 2011
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