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short form of "pie-eyed" to be stoned or intoxicated.
"man this bong has me totally pied, pass the visine"
by Vancity604 December 15, 2007
To Ignore someone, or something
Stop pieing my txts,or ahll glass u!
by Matthew Bennett May 10, 2005
The verb to pie/ to be pied

To sum it up, it involves two people. One person will pick up the pie (preferably creampie) and put it directly into the other person's face. the circular shape matches up extremely well with the shape of the pie so therefore the pie usually does not get in the person's hair but covers every inch of their face
K: there is pie all over my face!
L: you were pied!
by Lxiii August 31, 2010
A form of public political disagreement, throwing pies at a speaker.

Ralph Nader, Bill Gates, Bill Kristol and numerous others have been pied by people protesting them.

Videos can be found on Youtube, if you want to see them.
by prettybored4 December 24, 2008
Pied is often used to describe a situation in which someone has been "owned" and have been heavily dissed. Pied is often used against blondes as they are usually the most pieable.
Someone gets megged in football:

Person 1: Ah man you got pied
Blonde: Ug Ug Ug
by TomChattaway December 13, 2006
to get refused from a club or bar due to a lack of id
fiona got pied from ministry last night
by lou February 14, 2004
the phrase you say when you get raped in counter stirke by a guy with the name moon-pie
you got pied biaotch!
by ash ketchum November 10, 2003