Deceptive strain of STD that infects individuals through peer pressure and confusion.
All the bumps around moph's anus brought about his worst fear as the doctor confirmed he's caught the infamous Pieaux.
by spy August 26, 2003
Top Definition
Two faced internet person derived from two words: PIE (as in, 'sweet as pie') and, FAUX (as in fake and / or wannabe). (Noun, pronounced as Py - owe). This type of individual is spreading across the net like an STD and they infect virtually every forum and internet community. Characteristics of these people (usually female but can be either sex) includes:
1) Displaying a lack of character or morals, even flirts; all in an attempt to appear fun, carefree and hopefully become 'popular'.
2) Lacks originality and creativity. A boring person however they don't see themselves as such.
3) Frequently becomes short tempered, rude and argumentative. Often sounds like a bufoon and is always making excuses and blaming others.
4) Persists with a know it all attitude but in reality is not very intelligent.
5) Often brags about love life, hobbies and position at work or in life; most of which is fabricated in order to impress other forum members.

Peer pressure along with a need to be accepted and admired motivates these people to behave in this manner. Most often they are confused manic depressives requiring medication or alcoholics with to much time on their hands.
"John, you're a worthless drunk old man who has to visit Bancock in order to get laid. You're such a Pieaux"

"Skylar, you Pieuax bitch! I wish the mods would ban your stupid ass!"

by Grund1e September 01, 2006
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