a word in which "pie hole" and "pot whole" are confused; MLW knows the word "pie hole" as "pot hole" and is ultimately wronging in her use of the word and definition.
Lindsey, shut your pot hole = wrong; Lindsey, shut your pie hole = correct.
#mouth #lips #tongue #voice box #vocal edifice
by The ultimate dictionary October 12, 2006
Top Definition
The facial orafice into which one shoves pie and other food items (ie: the mouth).
"Shut yer f#ckin' Pie Hole, Dipsh#t!
by Dr. Damage November 30, 2002
The human mouth.
Zip up your piehole, or I'll zip it for you.
by Bill May 02, 2003
Noun. Mouth, i.e., the hole you ought to be using for eating (pie). From the British slang, cake-hole.
Shut your pie-hole! Seriously, man, just stop talking!
by Jenn Frank September 08, 2005
The mouth: because its a big hole into which you are able to shove pies.
Shut your pie hole when you're eating!!
#mouth #gob #pie #hole #pi
by CamelKid February 28, 2010
The stinkin' mouth of an idiot who would not shut up
The face or trap of a noisy asshole
The mouth of B. Smith
Bentley S., know your role and SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!!
What did you say?! Just shut your stinkin' PIE HOLE, asshole!!
#pie #hole #piehole #pie-hole #shut pie hole #rock #the rock #therock
by Tha Jokah July 05, 2006
Person who who cannot shut their mouth, no matter the detriment to themselves or others.
Shut your pie hole, alll you do is start shit. Shut your pie hole, and all your problems will vanish. Shut your fucking Pie Hole, and you may live to see another day. Biggest pie hole in the south...nastiest pie hole in the South...shut your pie hole.
#mealymouth #loudmouth #shitmouth #asshole #infidel
by jusjaxon July 20, 2010
the hole in your face that farts out annoying sounds all day while you are at work.
Larry shut your pie hole!
#pie #hole #pie hole #annoying #scag
by stephanie776 December 22, 2006
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