Pussy In Distress. Female's state of being horny.
Big Poppa I just had to call you because I've got PID.
by Un-Complicated August 22, 2003
Pussy in distress

This is when a female has gone a long time without sex and she begans to get aggrivated easily.
"Man it's been 2weeks since I had some dick and I got a serious P.I.D."
by Shorty February 23, 2005
Short for "stupid." Can also be written "'pid."

Probably first used in "The Onion." Shortened version of "stupid" useful for persons who need to use this adjective frequently.
That Prince Harry was so pid prancing around in a Nazi uniform.
by gb January 17, 2005
Pid is a slang word representing spittin' tobaccer. It is simply dip spelt backwards.
Man its been a long ass day I could sure use a big pid.
by Pid King June 20, 2009
Pain In the Dick
You're such a p.i.d., man
by larco p. March 31, 2010
Abbreviation for Paul Is Dead: a phenomenon whereby people search for hidden clues indicating that--on November 9, 1966--Paul McCartney met a tragic end and was secretly replaced by a double. The rumor was borne in 1969 and quickly debunked; but has resurfaced recently with YouTube videos purporting to have evidence that he died.

The clues in question are usually photographs of the Beatles with only Paul holding a black prop, or some lyric that sounds like, "Paul is dead,"--or something to that effect--when it's played backwards.
I found a new PiD clue: on the cover of some rare import CD single of a song he released five years ago, he's holding his nose: a made-up symbol of death in my imagination.
by Nightwing83 July 10, 2008
Pimp in distress.
*Only Applies to Pimps*

To be in a situation which is dangerious to your pimplatiude.
John flared his PID warning, due to Susie not being a respectful ho.
by Ronnie January 22, 2004
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