Abbreviation for Paul Is Dead: a phenomenon whereby people search for hidden clues indicating that--on November 9, 1966--Paul McCartney met a tragic end and was secretly replaced by a double. The rumor was borne in 1969 and quickly debunked; but has resurfaced recently with YouTube videos purporting to have evidence that he died.

The clues in question are usually photographs of the Beatles with only Paul holding a black prop, or some lyric that sounds like, "Paul is dead,"--or something to that effect--when it's played backwards.
I found a new PiD clue: on the cover of some rare import CD single of a song he released five years ago, he's holding his nose: a made-up symbol of death in my imagination.
by Nightwing83 July 10, 2008
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- a powder derived from squid, extremely sqoudery.
Bernard became high eating too much pid. -see sqoudered pid
by councillor colin kemp February 16, 2005
Common London slang, used by the elite cool. Shortened version of stupid. Either used as a noun or an adjective.
Tom: God you're such a pid.


Tom: God, that was such a pid thing to do.
by The Mystery DF September 27, 2010
Penis in Disguise
Omg have you seen that huge PID!
by Lisa Tan July 17, 2009
Abbreviation of 'stupid'.
That movie was really pid!
by Brian August 02, 2004
Abbreviation for Pelvic Inflammitory Disease. Usually accompanied by a foul-smelling vaginal discharge. Caused by micro organisms that come from a few token STD's.
Johnny, you're such a pid whiffer.

Randall, thats a pid licker you're talking to!
by Trey January 25, 2005
Pussy In Distress. Female's state of being horny.
Big Poppa I just had to call you because I've got PID.
by Un-Complicated August 22, 2003
When you feel lazy, chill, or tired.
Anyone want to text me? I feel pid right now.
by AsianParkour June 22, 2011

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