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A person who looks like a total twat in all of their pictures.

A person who consistently poses "sexy" or whorish in all photos no matter who they are with or what the occasion. Only shows pictures from a flattering angle.

Can almost always be seen pouting their lips, giving the blow job face, or sticking out their chest. Looks much like a bimbo.

An obnoxious picture poser.

May look decent in pictures but not as attractive in person.

A person so shallow they have nothing more to offer than their "sexy" pictures.

Boring, typical and brainless. A waste of space and resources.
Wow at first I thought that girl was so pretty she could be a model, but then I realized she has no personality. She's only a picture twat.

Why does she look the same in all of her photos? What a picture twat!

Rachel: Omg! That poor girl! I think she has scoliosis and facial paralisis!

Trina: No no, she's just a picture twat.

Rachel: Wow! How lame!
by BeachBottoms78 December 01, 2009