A person (especially a child) with a silly expression or puckered up mouth. A person with a sour/dour expression.
Grandad called his grandson a picklepuss because he always had a goofy scowl on his face.
by Deborah Robins February 09, 2007
Top Definition
when someone is upset or dissappointed,usually a child,or acting like one,and your face is all screwed up.
Look at old pickle puss,he just wants to go out and play.
by Somelvincedee October 06, 2007
One who has a sour vagina.
Timmy, don't be a picklepuss.
by Kevin Conner March 28, 2008
(n.)- really really awkward kid that no one really likes and has mushroom hair, starts his conversations to females with the word "so".
God, Janet is such a picklepuss.

Why do you have to act like such a picklepuss?
by Liz & Josh February 19, 2007
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