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Pichu, a pathetic pre-evolution form of the awesome Pikachu.

You can tell that they are running out of ideas when the writers say "Lets make a new pokemon, it will be like pickachu...BUT SMALLER!"

A Pichu appeared!

Why does this pokemon exist?
by Legs You Legend October 28, 2009
A retarded version of pikachu that has Down-Syndrome and it's ears have been ran over by a semi-truck
My pichu was born this way :(
by Fruity Ninga, August 07, 2011
To rub or graze ones skin,sogently thatyou have a mini orgasm.pichu can calm even the craziest of bitches and also makes falling asleep easy as fuck. Special pichu refers to a blow job or a sex act of some sort
Give me pichu,I gave dat bitch some pichu,man I want dat pichu,pichu me down, pichu pichu
by Trenchcoat pervert October 28, 2013
The tight-ass bitch that owns this mirc script that shows results from this site using "!slang" :D
> !slang oprah
<@pichus> 1. Purple Head -- The purplish looking thing underneath your foreskin. Very sensitive to prods and pokes, especially with needles and pencils. -- Ouch, my purple head, put that pencil down.
by Unknown February 12, 2005
A really cool Pokémon thing.
Pichu is cute and cool. Oh yeah, he can kick butt.
A cheap gimic added, to try and make pichaku more popular with a great failer
yeah it sucks
by The one the only Dawesmister March 25, 2004
A cool and cute Pokemon who can kick ass easily. In other words it can really kick ass
Oh My Your Pihu Kicked My Ass.
by 1102 November 27, 2003